Clustering vs Virtualization

[2005-07-22 21:39:10]

This is the 3rd day of OLS, a full day where the main room is consacrated entirely to virtualization, especially Xen. There is also some talks about clustering and namespace around. Personnally, I don't like virtualization too much. Virtualization is just another way to justify seeking for fatter computer by hardware vendor, so that they can get more bucks out of your pocket. Isn't redundancy a better virtue? Personnaly, I would prefer to see process migration and virtual server over distributed and dynamic cluster of machines, just like Virtual Iron. Even better will be to get the whole user session from a user to be completly virtualize so it can be extended, migrated, and share all the ressource it has in the current environment. Plan 9 has already some ideas about it. This will really deliver the promise liberty of a wireless-networked environment.