Tango Danza Glossary

[2006-01-30 21:49:47]

A wonderful book about Tango. I can't say much about the quality of the references and content of the book, since I doesn't know much about it, but I can say that the author seems to have do a great job in bringing different point of views on the subject, even opposite ones.

This bilingual book (Spanish and English) give us a small start about tango vocabulary, something we can build upon it. I still find that's there is a lot of stuff missing but on a moving target like tango, I cannot reproach it to the author; helas, is still not enough, in my opinion, to really create a true tango vocabulary and has the default of any ontology to limit the exploration of the subject define to the vision of the author. Still, it's a great start and since argentine tango as not much materials about it, a very valuable book to conserve if you are a tango afficionados.

Glosario Tango Danza Glossary, Key Tango Argentino dance terms, by Benzecry Sabá, Ed. Abrazos, ISBN 3-9809366-3-5