Installing Debian on a USB Key

[2007-05-06 13:38:47]

Where I work, we have a strong policy about what should go on a PC. Although most people doesn't respect it fully (we have a schedule to respect, at the end), I try to comply by using non-intrusive programs like PortableApps. With the price of a 4G USB Key still dropping to below 60$, I was wondering what I can do with it.

So, last week, I just ended up some stores to buy CDRW and decided to also get an USB key, so I can be policy compliant. I first install my latest backup of my PortableApps configuration, which also included XAMPP and EmacsW32 and wondered if I can setup a nice DebianLive System for be more confortable when I need to debug some hardware. It would even be more nicer if I can setup an emulator for it like qemu for example (I currently would have prefer something like CoLinux but the qemu option allow me to run a stock kernel, either under Windows, Linux, Solaris or Mac, which is quite nice).

The experience I made happens to have some very interesting moment, and so I decided to talk about it here, in multiple setup. I will maybe one day make the full system online, for download, but I will need a way to either clean it up or build it nicely for a Windows or Unix system, which is not trivial.

But to start first, here my requirements for what should go on my policy-compliant-key: