Current version is: 1.28 2004/02/07 15:58:54

This is still very alpha software. It's not impossible, but very improbable, that it can mess up your database. The functionnality and also the interface aren't fixed. Suggestions are welcome.

IMMSView is aim to became a playlist editor replacement for XMMS, using the IMMS plugin. Currently, it simply able to display the IMMS database, and have also some functionnality to control XMMS. But I hope to make it a plugin for XMMS once I have a better idea of the exact interface I want.

IMMSView is distributed under the GPL, written in Python, with a PyGTK2 interface, and used both the PySQLite and Python-XMMS module. You can download it at this address: Current release is near daily, but I make no promise about it.



Fabien NiƱoles <>
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