Keysigning events

I sometimes prepare participant lists for PGP keysigning parties using my keyparty script.

Patrick Bernier's PGP public keys

As of October 2009, I have completed my transition to a new GPG key. My new key, 0x1ADCBE03, is a 4096RSA/4096RSA key, which should be more than adequate for the forseeable future. This new key replaces 0x66DC1B23 which I had been using since 2001.

I maintain an up-to-date copy of my public key in the following locations:

Here is the key:

Key history

The key published above supercedes all of the following. Key revocation certificates were issued when possible, but in some cases, the secret key was irrevocably lost and no certification could be produced. Fortunately, most of them are very old and do not have self-signed user IDs, which means that modern implementations will simply refuse to use them. The Fidonet, CAM.ORG and Mlink.NET e-mail addresses are all quite obsolete, too.

TypeKeyIDCreatedStatusUser ID(s)
512RE53F89831992-10-05obsoletePatrick Bernier <><>
1024R64862D191993-10-04revoked 1994-08-19Patrick Bernier <>
1024R3A78BE811994-08-19revoked 1995-07-24Patrick Bernier <bernier@CAM.ORG>
1024RA41FBB511995-05-04obsoletePatrick Bernier <bernier@CAM.ORG>
2048RCD908CB11995-05-04obsolete Patrick Bernier <bernier@CAM.ORG>
1024R5D109A291995-07-24obsoletePatrick Bernier <bernier@Mlink.NET>
1024R09FDA4ED1996-01-04revoked 2005-11-07Patrick Bernier <>
1024D6E03E53A1997-08-03revoked 2003-05-20Patrick Bernier <>
1024D778B20322001-02-12expired 2006-02-11Patrick Bernier (Sholtostil) <pat@TZoNE.ORG>
1024DCE78CB2B2002-04-22expired 2005-04-21Patrick L. Bernier (business only) <>
1024D66DC1B232001-05-08revoked 2009-10-18Patrick L. Bernier <pat@TZoNE.ORG>

Yes, I've been using PGP since 1992! Generating my first 1024-bit key meant taking my BBS offline for an entire night back then...

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